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Performance Based Pricing Options Available

There are two ways to make sales online. One, rely on pure luck, or two, apply proper marketing techniques and analysis to achieve the results you want. That's the secret, but unfortunately, it's the main thing most Irish business owners miss out on. They rely on luck to sell their products online. In my opinion, they may as well give up their business and spend all their money buying lottery tickets.

If your business meets the criteria. You could avail of our performance based pricing structure. The amount you pay is determined by the success of the campaign and the improvements you see. Please note that we cannot offer this package to every business. We must analyse if your business suits this pricing structure before proceeding. Please fill out the form on the right and get a free online market appraisal (worth €200).

It's not the era of the Celtic Tiger anymore. Selling online is hard work. It involves a process that to most people seems "unglamourous." Statistical analysis and incremental improvement rarely gets the Irish entrepreneur's blood flowing with excitement. However, that's what's needed and that's what we provide.

Note From Founder & CEO Feargal Byrne

I have a track record of helping business owners/managers like you, generate healthy returns and profits online. I hold a M.B.S in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a B.A. in Accounting and Finance. As a result, I have developed a leading edge approach which blends marketing analysis with in-depth financial assessment. This gives your business the edge.

I would be happy to look at the online market for your product/service and write an appraisal report. It will give you a good idea of the scope and scale of your target market online. Currently, I am happy to do this for you for free, so take advantage while you can. Simply fill out the form on the right (or call 01 442 95 88) to request your appraisal report.

Feargal Byrne B.A., M.B.S, M.M.I.I.
Founder and CEO

Internet Marketing in Ireland
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Garage Door Systems

"We have achieved the best results of any marketing campaign in our 15 year history. Feargal (founder iMi) explained every step of the process and helped us achieve success online."

Eileen McDonnell, Director - Doherty Bros. Garage Door Systems Ltd.

Your Safety Reference Internet Marketing

"We expanded our training programme in a very competitive market. iMarketing Ireland helped us get new clients at a great ROI.

Now our website is a valuable sales tool and an important part of our overall business."

Fergal McKevitt, Owner - Your Safety First Consulting.