It’s The Interactions That Matter

When it comes to internet marketing the regular business person often gets sidetracked by the technology part, and as a result, losses focus on the core element that makes Internet marketing really work. See, the reality is that Internet marketing is all about interactions. Truly great internet marketing is personal. It’s about people communicating to other people about something that they think is cool.

Lot’s of business people forget about this and therefore never realise the full potential that their business can have online. I bet if you were to take a straw poll of small business owners and asked them what was the best marketing technique, most of them would say “word of mouth.” Unfortunately, many do not realise that Internet marketing is in fact “word of mouth” on steroids.

You need a great product or service. Then you need to wrap it in word of mouth tools that enable others to tell their friends about you easily. The technical side is about making it as easy as possible to share your message with others. The marketing part is creating great products and services that are comment worthy. As well as being liked on social networks, people who have blogs and websites may link to you.

Every business is different and has different customers. However, in general, Internet marketing is about attracting visitors with great content then getting them to “like” it on a social network, subscribe to your mailing list, join your group, watch your video and/or download your ebook (among other things).

In a way, it’s about turning people into sales people who will work for free advocating you. They will drive traffic to your site through digital recommendations. It can be compared to a snowball effect. You want it to get bigger and bigger as it rolls down the hill. That’s the key to good Internet marketing.

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Feargal holds an M.B.S. in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and B. A. in Accounting and Finance. He is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. He is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the area of Internet marketing since 2004. He is passionate about helping small businesses make sales.
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