Sales Funnel and Conversion Improvement

Conversion rate should be the main architectural foundation of your website. You are looking for a great sales pitch that converts extremely well to the next stage of your sales funnel. Makes sense, yeah?

That’s the key. If your website out converts your competition, you win. You can do more PPC advertising you can spend more on SEO etc. Ultimately, you can out market them online. See, conversion rates change everything. They turn a loss making business into a profit making one. They turn a profit making business into a super profit making business.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs and many web designers ignore conversion. This is really stupid. They sacrifice conversion and profits for design. Look, would you put a sales person on the road and ask him to look good but forget about making sales? Exactly.

Websites need to be sales focused. After all, what is the point of having one if it doesn’t make sales?

As an entrepreneur you need to know your sales funnel. Work it out and then use the website to be a proper web that traps clients into your sales funnel. By constantly improving your conversion rate by testing and measuring you have the potential to turn your website into a goldmine.

Remember, focus on sales, conversions, and ROI and not on how well you think it looks because when your flash into is loading, your customers are buying on your competitors site.

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Feargal holds an M.B.S. in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and B. A. in Accounting and Finance. He is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. He is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the area of Internet marketing since 2004. He is passionate about helping small businesses make sales.
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