Web Designers in Ireland – What To Look Out For

There are lots of web designers in Ireland. It’s hard for the average business owner to pick which one is right for them.

Before you decide on a web designer, think about the objective of having a website for your business. For most businesses this is sales.

I tell clients that they should view a website as an investment. It should make you money. Do your financial analysis before your start on your site.

Admittedly you do need a degree of expertise to project what your sales online may be. However, you know your margins and therefore you should work out how many sales is needed to break even on the project.

The major mistake most SME owners make when getting a website designed is that they do just that. They simply get the design done.

This is like getting flyers printed but not handing them out. The reality is that in order to make sales websites need to be actively marketed.

Websites also need to be built upon a sales funnel. You need to design a sales funnel that fits your target market. The conversion rates from each part of the sales funnel to the next, need to be monitored.

All the above is essential to make sure your website makes worthwhile sales for your business.

The Cost of Web Design

Most Irish SME owners need to change how they look at their website. They need to look it as a marketing tool. Instead of spending extra money on a new expense they should divert their advertising spend from display ads into both building a website and an Internet marketing campaign.

A half page ad in an Irish national paper is over €12,000. A well designed website and Internet marketing campaign will cost a fraction of that. Over it’s lifespan it will represent a much greater return on investment for your business.

Here are my top 5 tips for Irish SMEs when seeking a web designer.

1) Go for a marketing campaign that includes web design.

2) Do financial analysis based on the quotes given.

3) Let the statistics decide your website layout and design not your personal taste.

4) Pay for it by diverting money from newspaper, radio and T.V. ads.

5) Make sure the website is sales focused.

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Feargal holds an M.B.S. in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and B. A. in Accounting and Finance. He is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. He is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the area of Internet marketing since 2004. He is passionate about helping small businesses make sales.
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