New Start-ups

Our service really shines when applied to early stage start-ups who are targeting the International market. Start-ups expedite their development and become much more attractive to external investors.

We have been working on a system that helps new start-ups meet the investment criteria of many VC firms. It provides several key components required for early stage start-ups. It provides market viability data while also giving a strong indication on scalability potential. It makes early stage sales/traction while building a sales funnel that can scale. All our data is quantifiable and gives validity to the start-up’s financial projections. In fact, we build the financial projections based on conversion rates that have been achieved and the number of global searches for related keywords.

This system saves start-ups crucial start-up cash because the founders get four services in one:
1) Market Research (Value Proposition Testing)
2) Web Design (with a focus on selling)
3) Online Marketing Campaign (Design and Mgt.)
4) Financial Analysis for VCs or Business Angel

The purpose of this system is to help founders get the traction and sales needed to turn their start-up idea into an attractive business for investors.

VCs and Angels get better information and therefore are able to make better decisions.

Download PDF:
Start Up IMarketing

Start Up Internet Marketing for VCs and Angels

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